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Double Whammy – a recipe AND a craft.

This is an oldie but a goody…I made this a few years ago for a recipe swap that I participated in. So, lucky for you — you get an idea (to start a swap, to participate in a swap, to make a recipe book…) AND you get a great recipe! This is a simple design, but since I was giving a recipe for a cheese “ball”, I thought circles were the way to go. I love the textured paper in the back and I just cut different size circles to make this look:

If you are interested in swaps, check out or It’s a great way to be able to “craft” with others without having to leave your home! You sign up, then send in the correct number of whatever you’re making (which may include everything from recipe cards, to greeting cards, to scrapbook pages) and, in return, you get the same number from other swappers. Very cool!



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Dear Martha, Thanks for the inspiration — again!

So, I have a thing for gift-giving…I can’t JUST buy a gift card (although I do love receiving them) and I love to put useful things together to make a nice gift for someone. So when I saw this from Martha, I knew that it would be the PERFECT gift for a friend that just bought a house:

So, off to one of my favorite stores — Dollar Tree and this is what I came up with (sorry for the horrible photo):

So, I found a black pastic bucket (not the beautiful tin one Martha used, but useful none-the-less), and filled it with scissors, spic and span cleaner, clorox bleash, flashlights, batteries, picture hangers, magic erasers, sponges, Execedrin Migraine, and a few other incredibly useful things and tied a pretty (ish) bow around it! All together, it cost $17 including the ribbon, the card, the bucket and the contents! And, best of all, my friend loved it!


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Top o’ the Morning to you!

I can’t let a holiday get away without celebrating just a “wee” bit! I wanted to make a little something for the teachers at school…and I wanted to let my 3-year-old help. So, we made loaves of Irish soda bread for the teachers in his classroom:

I wrapped them up with Saran Wrap (now that I think of it, I probably had GREEN Saran Wrap somewhere!). Made a simple card and voila! I used a very easy recipe from (although I used a little less flour than she did, as the first loaf seemed really dry).

Then, I saw this cute idea from The Decorated Cookie. I didn’t have lollipop sticks, so I improvised, but I think they are pretty cute!

I used Wilton decorating sugar for the marshmallows. I used the scalloped heart punch from Fiskars to make the shamrock. And, God Bless whoever came up with the bag topper — it’s the best. thing. ever. I just used regular snack bags and dressed them up! Yahoo!

And, I’ll leave you with this: May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future – Irish Blessing


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Craft Fair Goodies

I participated in a craft fair at my nephew’s school right before Thanksgiving…I like to concentrate on useful items, price them right, and kind of pride myself on knowing my audience.  So, I decided to concentrate on teacher gifts, sticking stuffers/Hanukkah gifts, and seasonal items.  It was a great success!  I love the little extra money to fuel my hobby, but I also love to hear positive comments about the quality of my work (which I pride myself on) and my ideas (most of which I have seen somewhere else and made my own ;).  Here are a few of the things that I sold:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The “thank you teacher” boxes are boxes of paperclips, mini binder clips, and notepads which I found for…wait for it…ONE DOLLAR at Office Max, then I added a glue stick as well (there was a space empty).  The paper came from my stash, and Michaels/AC Moore.  The Post-it note pads are acrylic frames with paper inserted, then decorated — I get the acryclic frames at a local discount store for 2/$1.  I attached the Post-its with my tape runner.  I got the pens on sale at the time at Staples, but I have recently found packs of two at the dollar store (score!).  These were a GREAT way to use up scraps.  The bookmarks were super simple, and super cute if I do say so myself.  I got the large paper clips in packages of 6 at Staples.  Hope these inspire you…enjoy!

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Back to School!

So, I don’t really need a reason to be crafty (it’s Tuesday! it’s morning! You get the idea). However, this year is my 3-year-old’s first foray into pre-school…sooooo, of course, I had to do something to kick-off the school year. I know this idea is not new, and I have seen them all over the internet, so I am not sure who to give credit to, although I did just see them in Creating Keepsakes magazine and that triggered the idea:

I used Rolo’s for the “pencil” part and Hershey Kisses for the points.  I just LOVE them and think they are simply adorable!  You can see instead of making  tags for them (another step I wasn’t sure I had time to do), I wrote wishes for a great school year right on the pencils.  And, I also made a couple of fall baggies with the extra kisses for some of the teachers with these quick pencil tags:

A great way to kick-off the school year!  Enjoy!



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Cruise Creativity…

Hi there — I thought it my be fun today for you all to see some of the coolest, creative things that I saw when we went on our cruise last month. I am the person that not only notices this stuff, but photographs it! I think these little extras are so amazing:

This bird is made of BREAD!!

A Bunny Towel

A creepy, yet very cool carved watermelon

 So, while, I didn’t create any of these things…maybe they will inspire you?  Enjoy!

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Today’s post can either be called “really late” or “early for planning purposes.”  I prefer the latter, but you can decide on your own 🙂   It’s a photo of my son’s Halloween costume from last year that I made — he LOVES Eric Carle’s book, The Very Caterpillar, so that was the inspiration for the costume (his baby shower theme was books, and the copy of the book that we read almost every day was the guest book.)

Just as an aside — I HAVE a sewing machine and I HAVE sewed in the past, but I do not consider myself a sewer, so this costume is also an almost NO SEW project (I will explain after the picture):

I started with a men’s extra large sweatshirt (dark green), and I bought scraps/pieces of 4 different green fabrics as the stripes (in the book, the caterpillar is all green).  I am sorry to say, but this was more of an ‘eyeball-it’ project than a ‘measure-everything-so-it-is-precise’ project.  Anyway, I cut one of the fabrics to a width that I thought would be good (I knew that I wanted to stuff the stripes so they would be puffy) and then measured the rest from there.  I used stitch-witchery iron-on tape and started at the top and worked my way down.  I then used the stuffing that I had at home to stuff the stripes.  The LITTLE sewing that I did was a quick whip stitch at the end on the side of the stripes so that the batting would not fall out.

All in all, a success!  It lasted through a couple of Halloween parties (including our own) and on Halloween night and still has some trick-or-treating left in it for another kid!  Enjoy!

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