Chili Cornbread Casserole (yes, please!)

Hi there!

It’s been WAY too long since I posted, but that doesn’t mean that I have not been crafty or creative…I have great things to show you!  But, I thought I would start out with a recipe that has recently come my way that I LOVE!  I will be posting a crafty post tomorrow and am participating in a Blog Hop this weekend (complete with a giveaway), so stay tuned!  Enjoy!

I have had this a couple of times, made by a couple of different people (with I am sure a couple of different recipes), but the result is the same — DELISH!  This is the recipe that I used when I made it…


1/4 lb. ground beef
1 pkg. taco seasoning mix
1 8oz. can tomato sauce
1 can Hormel Chili w/o beans
About 6-8 oz. shredded cheddar cheese (I use as much cheddar cheese as looks good to me and I LIKE CHEESE)
2  packages (7 or 8 oz.) cornbread mix
2 egg
2/3 cup milk

Brown ground beef in a large skillet and drain. Add the taco seasoning mix, tomato sauce and Hormel Chili without beans (technically, you could use canned chili for this if you were pressed for time!). Place in a casserole dish. Top with shredded cheddar cheese.

Make the cornbread mix using the one egg and 1/3 cup of milk and pour on top of the beef mixture. Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes or until cornbread is golden. Serve with Salsa and Sour cream on top if desired.

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2 responses to “Chili Cornbread Casserole (yes, please!)

  1. I found your blog at the bloghop at The Girl Creative! You have amazing posts–love the hot chocolate cupcakes! You should post more often–saw the span between Sept-March. I can’t wait to see what else you share now that I’ve found your fun blog! : )

  2. yum! I’m going to make this. Glad to see your back to blogging.

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