One, Two, Eat my Shoe

Here is another simple layout that I think is hilarious (because of the picture) and very much my son.  We went to Sears to have some Easter pictures of my son taken…he was teething and just grabbed his shoe and started gnawing on it (poor thing).  The photographer just snapped a shot, which I think is great.  That’s what pictures are all about — capturing where you are at the time the picture is taken!  Enjoy!


Show Eating



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3 responses to “One, Two, Eat my Shoe

  1. Sara R.

    How cute!

    Wanted to stop by and have you e-mail me your mailing address. 🙂 I have some bloggy sunshine ready for you! 😉 Didn’t know your Fiskateer number in order to find you over there…


  2. Sara R.

    Oh! Not sure you know my e-mail address and don’t want to post it here. I’m Sara R. #1314…maybe you could PM me?

  3. mardi

    Love this LO, how adorable!

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