Hoot! Hoot!

Hey there — I tried my hand for the first time tonight at paper piecing…I have recently become *re-obsessed* with owls.  You see, the obsession began when I decided to attend Westfield State College where the mascot is the Fighting Owls.  So, I started to receive owl figurines, owl towels, owl cards, owl knick-knacks, well, you get the idea.  Then, I got off owls.  But recently, they have become so popular in paper crafts and, how shall I say, CUTER than they ever were, so I have a renewed interest.  Paper piecing has come up in a lot of the boards I am on, so I decided to try my hand.  I found a pattern from Anna Maria Horner on-line, got my paper scraps out, and I went to town.  I have plans for a couple of these — friends who are having a baby have a woodland animal themed nursery and I thought I would make a photo album for them, and I will make a couple of cards for some college friends.  So here they are!

Owl 1


Also, I wanted to let you know about some great blog candy at another Fiskateer’s site — go check it out:





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  1. Mardi

    These are adorable!

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