A Good Deed

Hey there — One of my blogging friends, Jocelyn (http://scrappinmeme.blogspot.com/) posted a plea for a friend of hers…this is from Jocelyn’s blog:

[My friend Jamie] read an article in Ladies Home Journal about a 31 year old woman who is an avid scrapbooker and is in Stage 4 Cancer, terminal!!!! Her wish before she dies is that she can complete the scrapbooks that she has for her children!!!! Her name is Dana Doruin and her husband name is Shawn. They live in New Jersey and have 3 children. One son, Ryan is 12, and a set of twins, a boy Aidan and a girl Sydni, age 5. They have been to Disney World, vacation at the beach and celebrate all the Holidays!!!!! Jamie has a wonderful idea, knowing that scrapbookers have hearts of gold, she thought we could help this family who is in need!!!We are looking for 12×12 pages, completed and ready for a picture!!!!! Ladies Home Journal has agreed if we complete these pages and forward them to the magazine, they will get them to Dana!!!!

So, I did four pages and will mail them out tomorrow.  It was harder than I thought to do pages for folks I don’t know.  So, I made them simple, but, I think nice.  And, I also left space for Dana and her family to journal or add notes to the pages.  I hope they like them and that her very sweet wish of finishing her scrapbooks for her children.  Please take a look at Jocelyn’s blog if you are willing to help in this effort!



Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

Layout 4


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  1. Marla - #3291

    How awesome is that. I also read this article and had written to Dana because I wanted to send her some photos. I knew what an awesome group the Fiskateers were so I was waiting to find out more details of what had to scrapbook before making some pages and sending them her way!! I am so glad that you made her some pages.!! What a sweetheart you are. I hope to get some done also!!

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